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03. But I Must!

  1. 01. Intrepid Intentions
  2. 02. Boppin’ & Baskin’ in Bangkok
  3. 03. But I Must!
  4. 04. My Malaysian Debut
  5. 05. Singapore is amazing
  6. 06. Rash Acts in Singapore

To start at the ending, let me say that sometimes resistance to authority is involuntary, even in times of military coup.

Our train was scheduled to depart Bangkok at 2:45pm, so we had a leisurely morning by the pool to reflect. Happily, the warnings of death and deprivation from torrential rain, floods and mudslides in our path disappeared without incident or explanation. Not so happily, at least not for Cambodians working illegally in Thailand, the junta announced a crackdown on these entrepreneurs. Nobody was sure what that meant, but neither was anybody waiting around to find out, the result being a surge in ticket sales of anything moving people towards the Cambodian border. We were headed in the other direction, towards Malaysia; Penang to be specific.

I will take this opportunity to remind you that these writings are not intended to be “guides”, but rather one man’s opinion, namely, mine. This approach frees the author – me – to say some horrible things about a destination. I’ve never seen a Frommer’s, nor  Fodor’s, nor a Lonely Planet guide open with “Before visiting here, think again.” Continue reading 03. But I Must!