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03. Growing Indigenation

  1. 01. Fiji…Again?
  2. 02. Fun & Games
  3. 03. Growing Indigenation
  4. 04. Coup de Grâce?
  5. 05. Friends Go Away
  6. 06. Mercy by Coup, Merci Beaucoup
  7. 07. It’s Nice to be Needed
  8. 08. Walk Like A Man
  9. 09. Extreme Retirement
  10. 10. Get a Grip
  11. 11. Dangerous Cargo
  12. 12. Drinking in the Holiday Season
  13. 13. Fit for Purpose
  14. 14. Emotion Sickness
  15. 15. New Fiji’s Eve
  16. 16. One Helluva Christmas
  17. 17. Enough is Enough

The Fijian rain pelted down all night and into Friday morning, 30 July 1999. Opening the curtains in the morning, I half expected to find a muddy gully where the lower half of the resort used to be. No such luck. I did realize for the first time what a tremendous view of the reef our room offered. And a good thing, too. If this weather continued, we’d be spending a lot of time using that view.

Down at breakfast, we read the activities board for the day. The weather being what it was, we decided to partake of the Pottery Village Tour and Shopping Trip to Sigatoka. It promised comers would “see with your naked eyes” the formation of bowls, vases, and such pottery stuff, which seemed totally unremarkable to we jaded fat white folk. But what else do fat white folk do on a rainy day other than shop? Continue reading 03. Growing Indigenation