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05. Singapore is amazing

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  5. 05. Singapore is amazing
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The flight from Penang pulled up to the gate at Singapore’s Changi International Airport at 6:30pm, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Pointing to my watch, I predicted “I bet we’re out of the airport by seven!”

“Really?” Frank Lee replied, brow furrowed.

Sure enough, by 6:57 pm, we had passed through immigration control, collected our checked baggage, cleared customs, withdrawn Singaporean dollars from an ATM, stood in a taxi queue for less than sixty seconds, and now watched the taxi driver load our bags into the sizeable boot of his built-to-Singaporean-specifications cab. They fit; a first on this trip. After a quick $30 cab ride, we had checked into our central Singapore hotel room by 7:30 pm.

“That was amazing!” Frank Lee exclaimed.IMG_6284

“Which part?” I asked.

“All of it!”

I shrugged. “Singapore is amazing.” Continue reading 05. Singapore is amazing