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01. Hardwood Island

  1. 01. Hardwood Island
  2. 02. A Camper’s Outing
  3. 03. Serious Business

Recently I spent some time camping in south eastern Queensland, Australia in a rented $150,000 motorhome. It was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life. The thing is, it all went exactly as planned. It was not only predictable, it was predicted – by me — that I would not enjoy it. Yet, I did it, clinging to the hope that I had grown or changed or learned to enjoy certain things despite a pretty good inkling that I wouldn’t enjoy them.

Let me say from the get-go that I am not a big fan of camping. It is not for lack of trying. Like sailing, camping strikes me as one of those naturally peaceful things every one of us victims of the post-industrial age should enjoy. Over the years, each time the emotional wounds of a previous foray healed, I’ve made another attempt to enjoy another form of camping. Continue reading 01. Hardwood Island

06. A Yankee’s Yankee

  1. 01. Minutes of the COCKUP
  2. 02. A Public Service
  3. 03. The 22% Solution
  4. 04. On The Campaign Trail
  5. 05. Athens of America
  6. 06. A Yankee’s Yankee
  7. 07. My Canadian Family
  8. 08. Edmonton? Why?
  9. 09. Prairie Singers
  10. 10. Deconstructing Calgary
  11. 11. My Kelowna
  12. 12. Wine Whine
  13. 13. Fire Mountain
  14. 14. A Stopover and a Popover
  15. 15. Inspiring Victoria
  16. 16. Planet Rosehip
  17. 17. Carry On Grunge
  18. 18. Street People
  19. 19. The Curse of Portland
  20. 20. Mean-Spirited, Powerful Justice
  21. 21. Amtrak’s Jewel
  22. 22. Managing Yosemite
  23. 23. Yumpin’ Yosemite
  24. 24. Parched
  25. 25. Brave New San Fran
  26. 26. Over The Hill
  27. 27. Greatest Again

The campaign trail headed north from Boston aboard Amtrak’s Downeaster, bound for Portland Maine. I like train travel, even on Amtrak. An Amtrak cabin attendant once told me that American rail employees refer to train buffs as “foamers”, as in foaming at the mouth. Australians are a bit more subtle about it, inventing, as they do, their own word for train fans, “gunzels”. This is as one might expect: where Australians enthuse, Americans fanaticise.

Would be that there were a few more Americans fanatical about Amtrak. Continue reading 06. A Yankee’s Yankee