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12. Getting In and Getting Out

  1. 01. Saving Face
  2. 02. Authentic Beijing
  3. 03. Great Men and Spoilt Brats
  4. 04. Great Walls of Ire
  5. 05. A Breath of Fresh Air
  6. 06. Luxury & Sexy
  7. 07. Hurt & Seoul
  8. 08. My Korean Family
  9. 09. Trafficking in Manila
  10. 10. Paradise Last
  11. 11. Something for Nothing
  12. 12. Getting In and Getting Out

[This is the final entry in the twelve part series Saving Face]

Still half asleep, I was half listening to CNN drone half-truths on the TV at the Manila Hotel.

Russia was not invading Ukraine, the US was not sending ground troops back into Iraq, ISIS was taking over the world, okay since ebola was going to kill us all anyway, and Typhoon Luis was bearing down on the Philippines.

Excuse me?

Suddenly I was very much awake. I sat up, groping for my glasses. By the time I could see the TV, Dr. Sanjay Gupta was reporting from Los Angeles that medical uses for MDMA (ecstasy) and LSD were “generating new interest among a growing number of doctors”. I bet.
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