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06. Fire in the Sky

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  6. 06. Fire in the Sky
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  8. 08. A Free Country
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If you consider me an incessantly cheerful gunzel, you may be shocked to read I had reached the end of my rope with Taiwan Railways. This was to be expected, I suppose, after a week riding their rumbling leviathans.

Today, the train arrived on time, the interior was spotless and comfortable, the passengers polite, the scenery splendid.  Nothing had changed, and perhaps that was the problem: the magic was gone. Today I saw only the disgusting black soot spewed from a roaring diesel engine, passing villages of villagers whose way of life was being trampled by “progress”. I called my lawyer to file for divorce.

Not really. The end of our rail travels was approaching, so I could look past this three-hour journey.  Furthermore, I was looking forward to four days in the Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, after a night in Ruifang, only an hour outside the big smoke. Continue reading 06. Fire in the Sky