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06. Mercy by Coup, Merci Beaucoup

  1. 01. Fiji…Again?
  2. 02. Fun & Games
  3. 03. Growing Indigenation
  4. 04. Coup de Grâce?
  5. 05. Friends Go Away
  6. 06. Mercy by Coup, Merci Beaucoup
  7. 07. It’s Nice to be Needed
  8. 08. Walk Like A Man
  9. 09. Extreme Retirement
  10. 10. Get a Grip
  11. 11. Dangerous Cargo
  12. 12. Drinking in the Holiday Season
  13. 13. Fit for Purpose
  14. 14. Emotion Sickness
  15. 15. New Fiji’s Eve
  16. 16. One Helluva Christmas
  17. 17. Enough is Enough

Despite my inclinations to the contrary, I awoke in Suva.

Now what? My instinct was to run, and if possible, to run in an away-wardly direction. Then I recalled I had been denied a tour of Fiji’s Parliament back in 1999, when the tour setter-upperer at the now-defunct Crusoe’s Retreat had made a token, at best, attempt to arrange such a tour for us. Now, here I was, in Suva, the very seat of power and influence. My perverse interest in touring this country’s contrarian democracy could be addressed through mere identification and ambulation (that is, I had to find out where Parliament was, and walk there).

It was Sunday 14 October 2012 in the stark but spacious and comfortable temporary quarters of our friends Clara McGill and Aydell Thyme.

“Where’s Parliament?” I enquired of Aydell. Mr. Thyme took his time considering my question, peering over his drooping spectacles with a sideways glance, determining at long last he had no idea what I was asking.

“Do you mean the Great Council of Chiefs? That’s gone. You’re aware there was, um, a coup some years back?”

I was aware. Continue reading 06. Mercy by Coup, Merci Beaucoup